About Us

Our team, operating in Çankaya in Ankara in 1997, has improved its investment in the field of printing and this area has improved. Later, after the last years and years, our team, which aims to start the agency activities with various business lines, has signed the professional works in the field of web design, software and graphic design with our new team friends who have joined our team. Our team, which has been working under different brands before, has started with the solution partners with the “Promotion” products and all the branches of business in the field of Advertising.

We have assembled the webinle, printbasket, Promosyonu, Limitsizanjans, WebTasarimmi, MumiMedya, CansoyMatbaa, CansoyMedia, SEOmu brands that we created later on under “1 Bir Net” and assembled it in a single system of +80 sites in one system and established 1Bir.Net. You can follow your accounting transactions that you can do through our company and display transactions through a single panel.

1bir.net, more than anything …